Saturday, 7 April 2012

Meat Horses April 7 2012

Today at auction there was a gorgeous older draft cross mare that was purchased by the main meat buyer before the auction. This mare had foundered and was obviously uncomfortable walking so the owner did not put her thru the ring. Take a lesson from her situation please, if you don't know how to avoid your horse from foundering do some research. There are some breeds that are more succeptable, usually those with thicker necks, but it can happen to any breed. Usually Founder is caused by too rich feed but it can also be caused by not trimming their hooves (it is termed mechanical founder).
There was another older mare (she looked Standardbred but no tattoo), I am pretty sure that she was purchased by the other meat guy - the Ass who hates me now because of my blog!
I have been trying to attach pics of them, dial up is a pain! Will try again tomorrow, somethin about Sat nites I always have a hard time getting pictures on....

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