Saturday, 21 April 2012

Meat Horses Apr 21 2012

Today at the Woodville auction, there were a few horses, one 2 yr old jack donkey and 6 mini colts.  3 of the horses went to seemingly good homes, as did some of the the minis and donkey.  There was a new buyer there, rumour has it from around Cobden (not sure where that is...).  He bought at least one of the minis and the mare pictured(couldn't get pic to upload-sorry-finallt got it on!).  I found out afterwards (although I suspected it by the way they stated the bidder # when he purchased), that he is a buyer and although not everything he buys goes for meat some of them may.  If anyone knows who he is and wishes to contact him about this mare, she is 3,  the guy who trailered her says he rode her and she behaved(he is also a horse trader-which makes me wonder-if she is that good why didn't he buy her??) says.  Says she is supposed to be Trakainer/Perch but I don't see ther Perch in her at all.  Nice mare but i don't know how to get in touch with this guy.  I know his last name but won't publish it for privacy purposes, but if you think you know him and are interested e-mail me and I can confirm.

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