Saturday, 17 March 2012

Meat Horses March 17 2012

Today we outbid the meat buyers for a lovely 12 yr old chestnut Arab cross gelding (1st picture)that is trained to ride, they said that he was a trail horse. He handles very well, is quite nice - I am looking forward to getting to know him! I am thinking of names for him, any suggestions?? His adoption fee is currently $400. Hey this is Horse # 70 saved!!!

The main meat dealer bought the dark bay/black thoroughbred stallion (registered, I think 8 yrs old) He weaved alot in the pen and ate the wood fencing. He was well behaved for a stud, gorgeous guy, I bet he ate up the track in his day!

I have to address something that happened today. I must say that I have never intended to offend anyone with this blog. I have stated only facts and have tried to remain straightforward and non-judgemental when speaking of the meat buyers and horses etc. I actually thought that I portrayed them in a much better light than I could have. Well, the "other meat guy" (not the main meat dealer) has been offended by my blog and now will not deal with me. In fact he swore at me quite a bit!! I even looked back thru my posts and still can't find something that would be considered rude in any way. I appologize to him, it was not my intention to upset him or his family in any way, in fact I asked him permission to post pics etc., and whenever I post anything about him in the blog I try to word it in a way to avoid offending him or anyone. I appologize also to the horses that I won't be able to buy from him, and to the people who counted on me to be a "middleperson" and help more horses find loving homes.

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