Saturday, 10 March 2012

Meat Horses March 10 2012

Today at the Woodville auction there was a 9 month pregnant Jenny donkey who was supposed to e trained to ride and drive and a registered mini pony mare with a 3 wk old colt at her side. OMG the baby was as cute as all get out!! What a sweetie, so very darn cute! I think that we have a cat that may be heavier than this little fart!!!
We do still have several well trained horses avail, our Daisy (qh mare) had been adopted but we recently bought her back, it seems she doesn't get along well with cows, she bites them... Is mid range in our pecking order, was lowest at her new home, she obviously saw the opportunity to boss the cows around, they are herd creatures! She is super nice to ride, western, english and have ridden her bareback as well. When we first got her she had a young colt at her side, now weaned and adopted. I am looking forward to some amazing rides on her now that she is back, she is a total joy to "work" with. Check out her pics on our adoptable horses tab. She is an incredible horse. We are tapped out financially, until we have some horses adopted we cannot save another, please reccomend any of our horses to suitable new owners, word of "mouth" travels!!!
And, have you checked out the Clyde Maxs blog recently, he is recovering nicely, Yay!!, still needs ongoing vet care regularly but Michelle and Tracy are capable and loving and he is getting all the care that is needed.
God Bless Y'all!!

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