Sunday, 19 February 2012


Hey Y'all, Michelle&Tracy sent me a pic of "our" (we are all involved now right?) Max as he is now! OMG, he looks so much better, don't ou think? The following is a direct quote from them:

Special thanks to Christine and Howie Welch for all their help with Max. If you have been following Max"s story, you will know that he was rescued on February the 13. He required surgery right away forhis right eye. It was a huge mass of scar tissue, puss and extreme grossness and the eye was permanently damaged behind the mass. His veterinary costs are high but not nearly as high as they could be since I am able to give him his medications(2 needles daily, poor guy) and change his dressings daily without vet assistance. Thank goodness for 40 years experience with medical issues for horses. We are now going into a new week for Max, and I must say he is responding well to his treatments and appears to be incredibly grateful to us for saving him. His attitude is wonderful and he is now showing signs of wanting to play. It has only been 7 days. How wonderful is that!!!!!!!!! YEAH !!!!!!!! He is completely rehydrated and has free choice salt and minerals & feed which he has made good use of. His skin has elasticized and although he is still skinny you cannot see his ribs as clearly. A far cry from the dejected and grossly neglected horse we brought home a week ago. Please continue to follow Max"s story for his progress reports. THANKS TO ALL WHO ARE HELPING AND CONTRIBUTINGTO MAX"S CARE, AND TO ALL THAT ARE GOING TO HELP IN ANY WAY THEY CAN.:) Sincerely Michele and Tracy at Hidden Oaks Farm

Our wish list includes: 4" or 6" gauze pads, Furizone, vet wrap and betadine or other scrub, $ towards a large vet bill which will increase, his surgery is not complete yet........ Even donations of items that are saleable would be appreciated. Thanks so much!! His life is worth it!!

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