Saturday, 7 January 2012

Meat Horses Jan 6 2012

Fortunately there were no horses at either auction this wk! I am now faced with a new dilema. I am a lover of all critters, I appreciate all of Gods creatures, even Coyotes etc. Today there was a pygmy goat, "gelded" v friendly, was in parades in the past, we was someones pet, they couldn't find a good home for him so he went to auction. Now, we only have so much money to save animals, and if I spend money to save a goat, that money could almost save a horse. Is there anyone who is looking for a pet goat. I can find one for you. Unfortunaly for todays fellow, he is already at a kill plant, we cannot save him but I would save others if there seems to be interested adopters. If you have a goat/sheep/cow that is a pet and you need a good home for it and not have to worry about meat buyers please contact us. It breaks my heart even more when an obvious pet goes to kill.....


  1. I would really love you to go to hoards station as most of the horses there go for meat. I could even show you the men who buy them. I can not do much to save them as I don't have enough land. It breaks my heart to be unable to help them, so I stopped going. Hoards is out of campbellford and is every Tuesday starting at 12pm.

  2. Hi Lori. Campbellford, Belleville, Stirling area? We live in stirling, & have the land but sadly not the money to buy, feed & care for more horses. We already have four horses from Christine, & they have us stretched pretty thin. My heart breaks as well, but I keeping checking the blog anyway, to remind me, & hopefully find a way to help.