Saturday, 14 January 2012

Meat horses Jan 14 2012

Saturdays auction.

15 yr old qh mare, is trained to ride but not ridden in 10 yrs. When she was ridden then she bolted with her rider. After that her owner just treated her like a pet, she does not like to have anything done with her, was told this mare is not nice to work with but she is friendly and loves treats. Perhaps with retraining in the right hands she would be ok. It would prob take about $500 to save her.

The other horse that went for meat is a gorgeous belgian cross gelding that is supposed to be trained to ride and drive. Apparently he came up lame and the owner sold him to a dealer, who brought him to auction. He was purchased by one of the "new" meat guys. He was loaded onto a trailer right away and I did not get a pic of him. I will be going to that meat yard v soon, will get a pic of him. It would likely take around $700 to save him.

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