Tuesday, 17 January 2012

"Horses are useless animals"????

It was Oct 2010, I had just made arrangements with the main meat guy to purchase a horse that he had just bought at auction, it was our Missy (who recently was adopted by a wonderful lady). The teller at the time was switching her over from the meat lot to us, I gave her the hip number and described Missy to her, she then stated "horses are useless animals, not sure why you bother!".

Excuse Me? Where would we be without the horse? The release of Spielbergs new movie War Horse is only one example of what this noble creature did for us, let alone helping us humans to colonize many countries, plant our crops, carry us and our cargo to and fro without complaint!

When our family first moved to our farm in Bethany the farmer that we lived with, Ralphie, did have tractors, but he still used his team of belgians to plant crops of oats barley and corn. He used them to haul logs out of the forest, spread manure on the fields, draw in the hay in the summer, among many other things. Although I did not grow up in the era that horses were the sole means of accomplishing these things I did get to grow up with an amazing team of Belgians that I rode, drove and loved so very much, and an appreciation of the work that they did for us willingly. A girl couldn't ask for more. I still get choked up looking at their pics and likely always will! Not everyone got to have the experience that I did, but surely the importance of the equine in our history is apparent to all?

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