Saturday, 1 October 2011

Horse Seeks Home: - Oppies Best

Horse Seeks Home- Oppie: Lovely Standardbred Mare

Bess, a 6 yr old Standardbred mare, we recently bought out of the meat pen, is a lovely girl, stands aroung 16 hands, easy to handle and just be around, does need a bit of weight on her she is a bit under condition for my liking. Loves being spoiled loved and just enjoys being around people. Not sure how much time she has spent around other horses other than when racing. She is very sweet, we, meaning myself & Tanya (inthesaddle AT live DOT com - our good friend, and excellent trainer) are going to drive her sometime this week and put a saddle on her and start her training to ride. We are currently searching her race history but most sites are susbscriber use only and I can only find out so much about her. She was a winner but am not sure how much she actually won. I know she has won our hearts. She didn't deserve to be in the meat pen! Her adoption fee is currently $700.

Update: We have been contacted by her Racing owner, the lady who purchased her from them upon her retirement, and an employee of the Racing barn she was at, all of them are upset to find out where we got her from. She was supposed to be in a good home! She has already been trained to ride.They sent me pics of her recent past:

Yay! Look at our girl, I am so proud of her!!

Today (Oct 11)Tanya and I took Oppie and Rock to the Ganaraska forest on a trail ride, we had a lovely time. Both Oppie and Rock behaved very well, pretty much bombproof, nice solid trail horses. Whomever adopts them is going to be thrilled to have such gems!!

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