Saturday, 4 November 2017

New Arrival Nov 5 2017 Standardbred gelding

This fella has a bit of a story, I first met him at the Woodville auction in May, he was in the pen with the big grey tb gelding (Fill Up)that arrived here May 14. He was purchased by a man with a big heart but no knowledge of horses and what they require. We gave the owner several "lessons" on the basics. He named the gelding Hors, he needs a new name for sure! Unable to keep him any longer he contacted me, english being his second language I misunderstood him and he brought Hors to auction. He is a lovely horse, very level headed and sweet, approx 8yrs old. His young son and wife were riding him.


  1. any horse can jump, as long as they dont have a problem

  2. My 12 granddaughter is the rider. she has been riding for 3 years She has done some competing in dressage and is doing low level jumping. She is marvelous with horses and helps out at her riding stable with newcomers. Would this horse be suitable for her?

  3. Hi I'm a 12 year old girl that's been riding for 6 years in English jumping I have alot of experience I'm around horses 24/7 I would love my own horse. hoe much is he?