Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Gorgeous Poultry Available Here Also!

I am not sure how many of you know that we also raise organic non-GMO (although we are not certified organic at this time)chicken, duck, turkey and Goose.  They are all free range, felt the sunshine on their face, ate grass etc. raised the way birds should be.  i am excited to say that we have become part of the Kawartha Choice Farm Fresh family, we always want to support local business and this is a great source.  check out the website, we should be listed on there soon if not already.  www.kawarthachoice.com  Our prices are:  chicken $3.50/lb  turkey $3.50/lb, duck $6.00/lb, goose 13.00/lb, silkies (a blue meat chicken, yes it is dark blue, similar to cornish hen size, just over a pound a bird)$10.00/lb.  will discount large or repeat orders. Will grow to order for this current year,  we do also have goat and lamb willing to raise to order, size etc.  also pet goats and breeding stock, African boer, Nubian cross.  we still only have dial up and a really old computer, it is always going to be faster to get ahold of us the old fashioned way, give us a call (705)799-6794 

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