Sunday, 9 March 2014

Auction March 8 2014

Today at the Woodville auction they announced that the sale barn has been sold, apparently 3 different parties have gone in together for its purchase.  The sale next Sat is the last of the current owner.  There is a Victoria County Cattlemens sale on Wed the 19th, as of then any seller will recieve their cheque on the day of sale, instead of having to wait until the next Friday for payment, this includes the Saturday auctions from now on.  There were no horses this week.  We are thrilled that the Woodville sale barn is staying open, although we are considering attending the Hoards Station auction I have never attended and have no idea who the meat dealers are etc.  I think we will try to go there this Tues coming, does anyone have any usefull info for me - I don't even know what time the auciton starts, or approx when they would sell any horses ?? 

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