Saturday, 15 February 2014

Auction Feb 15 2014

It was an interesting day at the Woodville auction. When we got there we saw signs everywhere, stating: "Effective February 12, 2014, KLC (the auction barn) can not issue seller cheques until Friday of the following week at 9:30am" Everyone was speculating, rumours were flying around. Some people were pretty upset to bring their livestock in and have to wait to get paid, one person said that they would not even give him a receipt for the animals that he brought in.... The horse trader G. brought in 3 horses, a Clyde Hackney cross in pretty poor condition,broke to drive, a beautiful, (but broken down ankles)older tb mare, and a 3 yr old qh type gelding, untrained. There was also a poor skinny Standardbred mare (could not tell age, extreme parrot mouth, her teeth looked old, but young too...) her back right leg was very swollen and she was not sound. I really liked her temperment and was considering taking a chance on her recovery, but we are already at capacity and really cannot take on any more. The horse trader G bought her and bid the horses that he brought there back, so he took all 4 of them home (but may just bring them to the next auction). I hope the standardbred mare is ok, she seemed a decent sort! I did get a pic of the tb mare but can't get it to upload! I will keep trying. 

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