Saturday, 11 January 2014

Auction Jan 11 2014

Today at he Woodville auction there was one pony, an approx 12 yr old, 13 ish hand, Hackney pony mare, trained to ride and drive single and double.  Very easy to handle, and although not very friendly, not at all mean, easy to catch.  I think she was a mennonite pony, not used to alot of affection, but she is very receptive.  I did buy her, I was worried about her fate if I didn't!!!   It cost far more than that just to hire the trailer to get her here......  It was dark when the trailer got here, we unloaded at the side of the road because it was far to icy for the trailer to get up to our barn.  Many cars drove past, she did not care, still has front shoes on, they do have a cleat like attachment so was ok despite the icy conditions.  Handles very nicely, am looking forward to trying her out!  She is available for adoption, negotiable fee.

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