Friday, 27 December 2013

Puddin - Dec 27 2013

My apologies for the lapse in posting, a combination of weather, extreme flu and the Christmas holidays put me "off my game...".   A few days ago, my friend Lisa, who is quite a small lady, came over for a visit and gave our newest arrival, a little 12 yr old mini pony mare we named Puddin, a trial ride.  We think she is a little rusty, could use a good rider to work her back in a bit better, but all in all a nice little gal.  She is available for adoption, $300, but will increase with time spent re-tuning her riding skills.


  1. lol bubba ridin Puddin , how cute is that!!!

  2. Met the little mare the other day , she's a sweetheart!!!

  3. Bubba is going to be or new exercise boy....