Monday, 9 December 2013

Dec 13 National Horse Day

Ralphie & the Girls

My horse Tarka & I
It is National Horse Day Friday December 13, this may only be in the U.S but I am not sure, it should be an international event.  Where would we be without the horse, before we motorized the horse was our primary source of transportation, working the fields etc etc, where would we be without them.  I know that I would not have wanted to pull the plough even a foot, let alone acres!!   I will celebrate it, of course, but I really do enjoy every moment around them.  Anyone who does not have access to an equine is more than welcome to come and share treats etc with the horses and ponies and the Donkeys would love some too!  We do have treats available here but if anyone wants to bring some more, a few of our animals do have dietary restrictions and can only have treats such as apples and carrots, most others can have purchased bags'o treats that are available at most feed stores.  Please call ahead and let me know that you would like to come, i would not want to have too many people come all at once, I do not want to "ignore" anyone!!  I am sure that other rescues in your area would appreciate a similar response.  Give them a call or message me to and I can try to set you up with someone local to you!!!  We do only have dial up so sometimes it is easier to get us on the phone.  (705)799-6794   We do have some great horses available for adoption if you would like to come and meet a potential new family member.....  

"Treats?!  Oh, Please,  EVERYBODY COME, we are waiting"!

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