Saturday, 17 August 2013

Auction & New arrival, Barney, Aug 17 2013

Today at the Woodville auction there was a Thoroughbred mare, my guess approx 14 tattoo was readable  C0579, she had an approx 1 yr old filly, both purchased by the dealer that sometimes brings them to the Cobden area.  I do have pics of both and can post them if anyone in that area is interested.  I haven't heard from anyone in that area in a long time.  There was also a 2 yr old mini jack donkey, very handsome friendly fellow, and 2 Belgian geldings, Barney and Sandy(Thanks to the owners who did post pics et of both of them).  I helped out a few people who were not sure of these horses in checking for soundness etc.  The people who bought Sandy are great, he will be a great match for the Clyde that they were looking for a teammate for.  Well, and Barney, 10 yrs old, approx 20 hnds came home with us, so you know where he was going, but he doesn't need to know that!  Barney is a sweetie, freindly, easy to catch and handle, needs to gain about 200 lbs, although he is still big and does need an xperienced owner.  He is well trained to drive single and double, I pretty much sat on him already with no reacction,, and picks up his feet nicely!  I did scan and attach the info sheet that was with him. Barney will be available for adoption,  Adoption fee $650 but will increase with time and $ spent 

Barney, safe here!

Barney checkin out his new pad!

Barney, just off the trailer


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    1. He is a lovely fella, had a trim today, feet are looking spiffy now, and all over grooming and love fest, he is a sweetheart! I love this boy!