Monday, 26 August 2013

Auction August 23 2013

I appologize for the delay in posting this, both Howie and I were quite ill with a stomach/gastrointestinal type flu bug, it was nasty.  I did manage to attend the Woodville auction although I admit, I was not my normal self.  There were two approx 2 yr old Appy colts, both were withdrawn from the sale as the owners who had been in extreme circumstances did find a place to keep them at the last moment.  The same people did own a 4 yr old tb mare, never raced, had 15 days of riding on her, they did put her thru the sale, I did offer other options, we did not have the funds to buy her.  There wer also a young gelded donkey and a haflinger weanling and a 13 yr old ? mare, quite sharp, her mane done up nice and feet up to date.  The two mares were purchased by an unknown buyer, I have not seen him before, I think by the prices he paid that the horses are not meatbound, hopefully.  We are at max capacity and do not have the funds or space to save another til we find a home or two.  The pony and donk did go to good homes.

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