Monday, 29 July 2013

Follie & I JUly 28 2013

So, last Sat after auction, I made the time to ride my own horse, Follie  I postedpics under the blog post Tipsy July 21.  With work, chores, vegie garden, working with adoptable horses, and showing them off to prospetive families, etc etc.,  it is hard to find the time for my own girl.  I vowed to her last week, and am challenging all of you to do the same, make the time for your horse, or dog or whatever it is that you are waiting for the time to be available for!!  Please share your results.  I had a great time with my Follie again yesterday before Howie and I rode Jambo and Tarka.  I am looking forward to my next time spent with my lovely mare!!


  1. Rode Satine 3 times this week!! Even went down the road! I have a horse in for rehab board and her owner has been coming up to ride, well of course she needs someone to ride with so it's been a great excuse to make some time to ride my baby. I'm thinking one day (next summer?) I'd like to trailer down to the Ganaraska with her and maybe participate in a timed trail ride event - you and Follie up for that Chris? Gotta give our arabs a little of what they're bred to do! :) !!

    1. Sorry it took so long to get back to you, I think I am supposed to get an e-mail when someone comments on the blog, but obviously not. Whether I ride Follie or Emma or another, yup am in for a ride!