Saturday, 25 May 2013

Meat Horses May 25 2013

Today there were auctions in both Lindsay and Woodville.  We attended the Woodville auction but did cruise thru the Lindsay auction.  It is very hard to go to both of them at the same time....  I was told that no horses were purchased by meat buyers there.  In Woodville there were 3 horses, one bay gelding - gorgeous but a bit of an attitude, one sweet old grey mare with cancer lumps on her head and hind end, and and Appy mare with one blue eye that was cute but I think would be quite a handfull, although they said that she was "green broke".  Unfortunatly all three of them were purchased by the main meat buyer.  The old grey mare was quiet and seemed well trained (she is not facing the camera in the pic of the two mares), the other two would need a very experienced handler/trainer and the meat dealers seemed to be paying high today, even for the cancerous mare! 

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