Sunday, 12 May 2013

Meat Horses May 11 2013

I appologize for the delay in posting this week, I must admit that I fell asleep on the couch watching a movie.  I usually wait til late evening, once the phone line is free to go on the computer, we still only have dial up....  This week at the Woodville auction there was one pony, limited sight in one eye due to cataract, well trained, I lay over her back from both sides and picked up all feet, another fellow did mount her, no issue, one yearling Mini Jenny Donkey(v sweet friendly and beat up, needs lots of love and tlc)) and one yearling Mammothish Jack Donkey (not friendly, but not aggressive) they donkeys did not appear to come from the same home.  The little female donkey went to a very good home, the Jack was purchased by the dealer that does not always sell for meat, but does have cattle and may have purchased to guard (although they had said not good with cattle) or to resell, they don't often go for meat.  The pony was bid upon by several people, I did lose track of the bidding but the $ paid was way more than meat price, but she did get purchased by the main meat buyer.  I approached him after the sale,  putting a request to not ship her - committing to purchase, but he had already sold her to one of the other families bidding.  Then he told me that he was buying her for his daughter and would not have shipped her for meat.  He is looking for a well trained mount for his 2 daughters.  You know, I had wondered when hearing of the birth of his 2 beautiful girls what the effect may eventually be on the business if they were horse crazy....hmmm

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