Saturday, 30 March 2013

Meat Horses March 30 2013

Today at the Woodville auction I got read the riot act by a horse dealer that was in the article "You can't kill that horse" in todays Saturday Star.  He was venting, I am one of the "you people" the horse rescues that he feels caused him this grief.  The rescue did not do anything wrong, he falsified documents and was caught!  For those who have not read the article it is an investigative report involving "Backstreet Bully" a racehorse that ended up being slaughtered, possibly for human consumption despite the drugs that were in his system.  He did bring 2 horses to the auction  and sold them to the dealer from the Cobden area. He said that he would never bring them to auction again, to avoid "us".  Anyways there were 2 bays, both older one blind in left eye was a gelding I have been informed honestly I did not look close enough underneath....) both purchased by the meat dealer in this area that does not only sell for meat (no info given about them and sorry I did not catch the $ paid), one 2ish grey pony colt and one yearling chestnut pony colt (napping in the pic, all were healthy), both very sweet and well handled were purchased by a dealer near Cobden.  One white pony mare went to a good home. 

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