Saturday, 2 March 2013

Meat Horses March 2 2013

Today at the Woodville auction there were 5 horses, a horse trader brought in 4 of them: 2 tb type mares and 2 young colts, one a Clyde Hackney cross (he brought back home-he did not get his asking price), the other looked tbish(I assume his Mother was one of the mares).   The other horse is a gorgeous 3 yr old Paint stud, did not seem like he was handled alot but he was quiet and curious and not mean.  Loads of potential in this guy, I wish that we had the funds to buy him, have him gelded and trained!!  He was purchased by the main meat buyer, I approximate $600 to save his life, am not sure when he will be shipped, I know that sometimes they ship on Sundays.  The buyer that doesn't always ship them for meat bought one of the mares and the one colt.   The other mare was purchased by a good loving home.  If there are any serious inquiries I will try to contact either of them to find out $$.  We only have dial up, feel free to call (705)799-6794.

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