Saturday, 16 March 2013

Meat Horses March 16 2013

There were no horses/donkeys/Llamas etc at the Woodville auction.  There was a horse auction in Lindsay today (which I totally forgot til someone mentioned it to me at Woodville!!).  There were many nice horses, most went to good homes.  The main meat buyer was not there, the buyer that does not only ship for meat arrived 1/2 way thru the sale, then he bought 2 horses and 1 pony:   large black Percheron gelding trained to drive, they said he was 12 yrs old ( I thought much older by his teeth), nice fellow, very gentle; an 18 yr old chestnut with white blaze Appy mare named Rosie, has shown and lots of trails, supposedly beginner safe - was not ridden there, and a 20+ pony gelding they said trained to ride, real sweetie but seemed sore front right.  We attended with a very limited budget that we could stretch no further, and were quickly outbid....  I did manage to get some pics although maybe not great ones.  I know that there are people that regularly buy from him that read this blog and tried to get pics!

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