Saturday, 2 February 2013

Meat Horses Feb 2 2013

Draft cross
Today at the Woodville auction there were 3 horses, all friendly, an off track 3 yr old grey tb mare, a 3 yr old registered Fresian mare and a Draft (Belgian I think) cross mare trained to ride and drive.   All three were purchased by the fellow who does not purchase just for meat, who won't deal with me, although he is speaking to me again so there may be hope....  He said that he was not going to ship the Fresian for meat (he has another buyer-she is not available-I am posting the pic upon request by several people) but the other two would be shipped for kill Tues.    I am guessing he would want approx 600 for the tb and 1000 for the Belgian cross,  I also must say that the Belgian cross had a cough and snotty nose, it could just be a cold but there is a possibility of strangles.  All three were in the pen together so all have been exposed.  Anyone wanting to rescue one of them, or any horse from auction or meatyard must always keep contagion  in mind.  A good quaranteen area is important!  We only have dial up and I am not on-line often, feel free to call  (705)799-6794
Update Feb 4 - I just got off the phone with him, the Fresian and the Thoroughbred have been sold to good homes, the Belgian cross is still avail, he said $750 for her, he is planning on shiping her tomorrow.  I am terribly sorry for offending him in the past and will endeaver to never do so again!!

3 yr old thoroughbred

Fresian-not going for meat

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