Saturday, 5 January 2013

Meat Horses Jan 5 2013

Today at the Woodville auction, there were 12 horses, most of them in pretty sad shape....  An old swaybacked pony sold for $8.50.....(to good home).  We saved a lovely 5 yr old standardbred mare, although we really didn't have the room....  Horses that went for meat:   An old qh style mare, no info as to training, a 14 yr old -they said(I did not think she was remotely that age, I would've said way younger by her teeth) Standardbred, no tatoo, an approx 10 yr old Percheron gelding, no info as to training but gorgeous big black fella with eyes that get right to your soul, handles very well, and a 7 yr old thoroughbred gelding with a messed up hind left hoof - I think reparable  and v swollen sheath- but very sweet, i really loved him - he is going to haunt me, but the vet bills could be huge...  They all went to the meat buyer.  I am not sure what he would charge to purchase them but for serious inquiries I will call.  I am trying to upload pics but it is not allowing me rite now,  Aaarg!!  I will try to post some on facebook.....

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