Sunday, 9 December 2012

Meat horses Dec 8 2012

There were 4 horses and one stud pony at he Woodville auction on Saturday.  3 horses were purchased by meat buyers.  Two of the horses were 3 yr olds, no indication of any training and no info given, the one pictured is very friendly, I did not get a pic of the other, they looked exactly alike but the other horse had no blaze and was not at all sociable.  I was not able to go in with them and check them out because she made me quite nervous.  They said that they were Quarter Horses.  The third, a Percheron mare had foundered and was quite sore.  Once again I am going to include a little lecture.  Founder is very easy to prevent if you watch your horse for signs, and you can halt the progress with the right care.  I encourage everyone do do a bit of research, and I will try to do an informative post on founder and other important issues!
Anyone who may be interested in this mare, she likely only has a couple of days before she is shipped, if there are any serious inquiries I will phone and find out what her bail would be.

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  1. I wanted to say i read your blog every week now and appreciate what you are doing! I would like to save a horse in the near future as well. I hope someone can save this young filly with a whole life ahead of her..she deserves a chance!