Sunday, 9 December 2012

Hallie, Dec 9 2012

Hallie, the gorgeous Percheron mare that was just rescued from the meatyard had visitors today.  Sue &Scott (Lexie and Connor, were working and couldn't come this time), our good friends who helped us save her, came out to meet her today and fell in love!!   Anyone can help like they did, we don't have the funds to save near a many as we can take on.  Upon adoption funds can be returned or "re-invested in saving another horse.  This is a bad time of year for horses and its even worse with the hay shortage this year!!  Please keep helping to spread the word, we have lots of great horses needing loving homes, and then we get to help another in need!!!  Thanks to all!


  1. Thanks to Chris and all her fine work we have our four ponies: Will Tink Ollie and Tucker all rescues from Freedom Valley.
    Hallie is now safe and we are so glad to help. Keep doing what you are doing Chris and Howie.

  2. Watch over Hallie for us and all the herd. And Buckwheat the dog gets a bone for being such a good boy today. Sue and Scott

  3. Hello
    Is Hallie still available for adoption? and how old is she approximetly ? she looks like she is very gentle.