Sunday, 4 November 2012

Meat Horses Nov 3 2012

Wow, we are already into November!  How the time flies!!  Fortunatly no horses went for meat at the woodville auction this week.  The last couple of weeks I did not post my usual results.  I am sorry, many horses went for meat, we don't have the hay, or budget to save more right now, but it was not right to have not shared their info with you, who may have been interested in them......  It does get depressing, and no one has been commenting and I am not sure if anyone is even paying attention to this blog...  We only have dial up so it takes a long time to post anything, let alone pics.....  when I get no input and it does not seem like anyone else cares about this it gets harder to do this blog,  but not the rescue.  Doesn't matter what anyone else thinks we still rescue, even if we hve to scrounge to come up with the funds!  Anyone knowing someone looking for a horse, please forward our info, we need homes for our babies so we can save more!  Thanks, feel free to call, we only have dial up  (705)799-6794 

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  1. Hey Christine,
    I still read your blog, and I think you guys are doing an awesome job. I can only imagine how hard it is to see all the horses going for meat. I wish I could take Jim he is still my favorite;)
    Keep up your great work, and I hope to come by soon again.