Saturday, 1 September 2012

Meat Horses Sept 1 2012

Today at the Woodville auction there were 7 horses and one mule (all of them had halters on....thanks owners, made it alot easier to assess them).  5 of the horses were purchased by the meat buyer , we outbid him for 1 of them ( a large well trained Belgian gelding) and another fellow bought a young standardbred gelding with a large gash across his back ( I was also outbidding the meat buyer for him, until the other gent started bidding)..  Stay tuned for the pics of our new hunk!
The "team" of Paints were barely halter trained and had fairly poor attitudes, the 5 yr old Clyde gelding, very sweet but had some serious hind end issues and looked like he foundered (this guy could hardly walk.  I think it was very unfair to put him thru auction),  a young standardbred filly that had been tangled up in wire and had her back left leg cut up pretty badly, and a Percheron cross mare that was not very handleable, all purchased by the main meat buyer.

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