Thursday, 27 September 2012

Freckles Sept 25 2012

Freckles & Charlottes younger brother Edward.  Freckles is very well trained to ride, but it appears that he can be herdbound.  Approx 1/3 of the time when leading him away to our work space he will try to go back to where his friends are.  He seems to respect the leadline when we loop it thru his halter and over his nose, otherwise he will pull away.  I am sure this will improve with a bit of work and time, I am not sure if he has had a friend before, perhaps he was the only horse in his paddock.....  Sept 29 I got to meet his little girl, she always led him with bridle on already.  Her father described "she was always dragging that pony around everywhere and he never complained".  He is up to date on Tetanus, Rabies & West Nile, his former pasture mates were 2 mares and 2 geldings.

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