Monday, 13 August 2012

Tara July 13 2012

Tara, one of our adoptable horses, is a lovely 17 yr old Tb/Oldenburg cross, she was  a 3 day eventer until she injured her hock 5 yrs ago, this is her first time under saddle since then - we are all VERY proud of her, what a good girl!!!  She has had about 5 yrs off, still a bit stiff but she does work that out with a bit of light excercise first.  With regular light riding she would be fine, a joint supplement would help also, but we think she is done with regular competing and dressage work which requires a bit more from the joints.  She is  a lovely girl, responsive and sweet but she is high energy and not suitable for beginners.
Tara & Charlotte
Tara & Charlotte

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