Saturday, 11 August 2012

Meat Horses Aug 11 2012

First I must appoligise for my "absence" from this blog.  I did still go to auction, but other than that I was at my Moms helping her prepare to move after almost 40 yrs at our family farm.  As I am sure you can imagine the things that we found in the farmhouse, barn and various outbuildings, sometimes I felt like I was in an episod of Canadian Pickers....  Mom is finally moved and hopefully life will return to "normal". 
I have had some time to think and am in a bit of a quandry.  I have been posting all horses that are meatbound, even though some of them are not handleable and could potentially cause damage.  Should I just post horses that I think would be suitable for rehoming in this meat horse blog?  Now I do realize that makes me "judge and jury"... but a horse that is not going to kill anyone is important.  That is the main reason that I have not posted.  Please let me know what y'all are thinking, should I share all meat horses or just those that I consider handleable and not as capable of causing injury..  thanks!

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