Sunday, 1 July 2012

Meat Horses June 30 2012

This Sat at the Woodville auction 2 yearlings and a 4 yr old Paint/Arab cross gelding were purchased by a fellow who is considered a "horse trader", 4 fairly young, quiet thoroughbred "broodmares", who had been raced did get purchased initially by the main meat buyer.  It was actually a bit of drama, the horse trader that brought them in insisted he wanted $25 each more than what the meat buyer would pay, ended up being a little arguement, held up the auction for a few minutes.  No one knew whether they had been sold for meat, it ended up that they did.....  My friend Pat(co-saviour of Stewart) had come along in the meantime and fallen for the tbs, we found out that they did indeed get sold for meat, one of them is only 5 yrs old so could not have been just a "broody" for very long and does have so much potential for a new career!  Pat did buy them, with the intent of re-homing them.  Any interested persons contact me and I will get you connected!

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