Saturday, 26 May 2012

Our New Arrivals!



I am not sure how many of you have been at an auction and can understand how hard it is to keep track of who has bid, and even if the meat buyer is at another sale he may have someone else bidding for him.  That is what happened today, after much "wheeling and dealing" with meat buyers these two are now with us.  Many Thanks to my friends Pat and Mary Joe who assisted us with their rescue!

Maude is an 11 yr old Belgian mare, she is trained to drive single and double and has pulled most farm implements.  I spoke with her owner at length, he was upset that she had been purchased by the meat buyer and was thrilled that we bought her from him, he believes she would be suitable for an almost beginner, his young grandchild drove her regularly with no issue. 
Stewart is an 18 yr old Quarter Horse gelding, he behaved perfectly when ridden at the auction, he is sweet and gentle, the kind of horse that you can trust with your kids.  He was owned by a 68 yr old lady who rode him regularly as did her grandkids.

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