Sunday, 25 March 2012

Gelding Saved March 17 2012

I am thrilled to let you know how wonderful Echo (that is what we called the horse we outbid the meat buyers for last Sat), turned out to be. He is older than we thought and does need his teeth done. He rides and handles like a dream. He has a lovely smooth gait, I am so happy we saved him!!!

My good friend came out to meet him, she was looking for a good older horse for her daughter. They brought him home this morning. Later this aft we went to visit and low and behold, what do I see as we are pulling up the driveway, the youngest daughter riding Echo! My heart swelled and it did bring tears to my eyes! I felt like the proudest Mom in the world!! He is a tolerant fellow, such a good good boy!! Oh MY GOSH!! To think he could have gone for meat last week! YaY!!!

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