Saturday, 28 January 2012

Meat Horses Jan 28 2012

Unfortunatly a team of 18 yr old Percheron mares, trained to drive double, went for meat, today at the Lindsay auction. The one in the picture that shows entire body is sound, in good condition, friendly, probably around $600 would save her. The mare in the other pic, with part of her body not showing is not currently sound, and I am unsure that she could be ever in the future. She has obviously pulled alot in her time and has blown her front suspensories. She was obviously sore, I find it even more distressing that her owner put her thru this, poor soul. He was present at the auction and he did not look happy that they went for meat. If someone wanted to take a chance on her she could be saved for around $400. I must say that out of 15 horses, only 2 of them are meatbound, this is better than I had expected. I really wish we could save them all but we do have to consider the adoptability of the horses that we save.

There was only one horse at the Woodville auction and she did not go for meat, Yay!


  1. could you please find out if either of their names are bessie and were owned before by carmen smyth. or if thdy are from peterborough. i have been looking for her for 4 years, she would be that age. i would pay anyghing for her and would take her in any shape

  2. The one in poor shape is Vicki, I did not catch the others name but it could have been Bessie, it was something like that or Betsy, am not sure who the owner was, I can try to find out for you, Sorry I have not replied to your other comments, I am still figuring out this technology, didn't even know that I had comments! Would love to meet up at Hoards Stn sometime when we have some $ to save some.

    1. is there anyway i could come see if its bessie saturday. i have to know. she was with a horse na.ed vicky